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Yes, YOU Can Recover from PTS(D)/LAS

Did you suffer from ritual abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, rape, legal abuse?

This book can give you ideas on how YOU can recover and lead a fulfilling and meaningful life, in spite of all that has happened to you.

You were a victim... don't stay a victim!

143 pages - 14 chapters chock-full of useful information, available in .pdf or InterActive FlipBook

$ 19.95

In 2006, I was diagnosed with Complex/Chronic PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and LAS-Legal Abuse Syndrome, as well as with Anhedonia.

This book is about my journey to recovery from a cult, isolation, rape, domestic violence and 6-month spent in maximum security for a crime I had not committed.

Although I already had learned a lot of therapeutic approaches to stress, anxiety and trauma as a professional, going through lies, corruption and fraud empowered me to find which techniques worked and which did not stand in the face of a world turned upside-down.

In the end, it made me a better "therapeutic coach" and gave me an deep trust that whatever comes my way... I will survive... 

And Yes, YOU Can too...

About "Yes, YOU Can Recover from PTS(D)/LAS"

Information, explanations, tips, techniques and strategies

YOU can use to recover from having been the victim of abuse.

You were a victim... YOU do NOT have to stay a victim!

Yes, YOU Can!

Recover from PTSD/LAS

This book is about my journey from surviving then recovering from C-PTS(D)-LAS (Complex Post Traumatic Stress and Legal Abuse Syndrome). Meaning and fulfillment are possible, on a deeper level.

Waiting for things to go back to "normal" is not the wisest choice... they will not. You have grown and have acquired wisdom you did not have before. What is needed is to master the emotions and feelings which may still run amok in your brain/bodymind, and prepare for a new empowered life.

This book is a smorgasbord of potential techniques I used which made a big difference in my life. Use the ones that seem to resonate with you, find others, and HEAL!

143 pages - 14 chapters chock-full of useful information, available in .pdf or InterActive Flip Book.

Easy to read, with pictures, healing sounds and exercises to help you recover at your own pace, without reliving the trauma

Let's start by understanding what PTS(D), C-PTS(D), LAS-Legal Abuse Syndrome are

What do we do with nightmares and flashbacks?

The Tapping Techniques or Energy Psychology has been shown to be one of the most effective techniques to painlessly dissolve the trauma that stays stuck in the brain and/or body.

Your Craniosacral rhythm will tell you when there is an issue, and when it's gone.

Use your powerful imagination to transform the impact of the issues. You will remember what happens, and keep the wisdom of the event, yet it will not affect you emotionally any longer. 

Hypnosis is a way to accelerate the healing process. We spend most of our lives in a hypnotic state. Let's learn to use it in a positive, empowering way.

Can food trigger anxiety and exacerbate PTS(D)? Yes, indeed, it can. Learn how and empower yourself!

Learn to easily and quickly separate facts from emotions with the Wheel of Healing.

If we don't pay attention to our body's signals and we allow things to fester, it will impact our physical health, as the "Dis-eases Don't Just Happen" chapter shows us. Learn about the progression!

Yes, YOU Can Recover!

Make that Choice!

Benefits of "Yes, YOU Can Recover"

Many different techniques that you can use on yourself. The Caveat: you have to use them. One of the most powerful is Meridian-Based Energy Psychotherapy, aka EP-Energy Psychology, aka The Tapping Techniques, which you will find in Chapter 4.

Chapter 6 deals with the power of your imagination. You are full of inner resources, which can be tapped into with InterActive Guided Imagery and/or Hypnosis.

Most people are not aware that food can create anxiety. That's what we talk about in Chapter 9.

You can learn to debrief every aspect of your trauma using the Wheel of Healing in Chapter 10.

About Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD

Trained in Switzerland, France and the United States

Experienced in the School of Hard Knocks

Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD

I was fortunate: I had a happy childhood. I grew up in Switzerland with a loving family, which included my 2 brothers, 3 cousins, aunts and uncles, and 2 pairs of grand-parents. My parents are still alive (2024), and still more in love with each other every day, even after over 66 years of marriage. They are a wonderful example of what a happy couple could be. I enjoyed school: I was a bookworm (still am), and academics suited me well. My childhood heroes were Heidi and Pollyanna.

However, this beautiful life did not prepare me for what I was going to experience when I moved to the United States in 1979. I had heard about cults... from afar. I had heard about domestic violence... from afar. I certainly was NOT prepared to face a corrupt court system, to be arrested and to spend 6-month in maximum security, on fraudulent charges, which I could prove.

It was quite a long journey to come out of the dark hole I found myself in, from the numbness that pervaded my life and from the confusion I could not quite figure out.

Thankfully, I had already studied many different types of therapies and availed myself of many more. Finding a puppy and learning Argentine Tango started me on the long haul that got me from Trauma to Triumph.

Book's Special Features

A Compilation of Powerful Techniques YOU Can Use to Get Out of the Trauma You Endured

Get Started

Everybody is clamoring that they have "the right universal diet." No such thing exists. Start with the basics and grow from there.

Responsive Design

Download it or read it on your computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone

Real Life Project

This is NOT an academic book. It comes from training and experience, for myself first, then my family and clients.

Attractive Design

This book is an easy read. It has pictures to entice both sides of your brain: the left side likes texts, while the right side enjoys pictures

Support Is Important

I found a great group of Argentine Tango dancers, who were not aware of what I was going through and who unknowingly helped me get my feet back on the groun.

Easy to Use

It can be read like a novel... put yourself in my shoes if they fit. Use the techniques that seem to resonate the most with you.

Sample Pages

From Argentine Tango to Quantum Physics, You'll Learn Many Techniques that DO Work.


You have helped me tremendously. For a moment here and there, I forget I have court tomorrow. That’s a first for me."

– Silvia, Maryland

“You successfully helped me to overcome the devastation of legal abuse, PTSD-post traumatic stress disorder, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue."

– Sonia, California

I have more energy, my heart is lighter and my physical symptoms have lessened,""

–  Juli T. Star-Alexander, 

Executive Director of a non-profit organization dedicated to help victims of legal abuse, Las Vegas

Are You Ready to Get Out of the Mire? "Yes, YOU Can Recover" has been tested by fire

This book is a compilation of over 45 years of training and experience, distilled to make it simple and usable.

Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD