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I was born and raised in the French speaking part of Switzerland, traveled through Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia before coming to the US in 1979.

Although my accent often confounds people, the explanation is simple: French is my native language, and I became proficient in English in India, resulting in a mixed blend of accents.

At age 15, I attended my first conference in psychology on "The Oedipus Complex" and spoke with the presenter. He took me under his wing and, thanks to his mentoring, I had the opportunity to attend classes and become certified in grapho-morpho-psychology in my late teens via several private institutes in Paris, France and in Switzerland.

In my early twenties, I attended a workshop on the Silva Mind Control, a technique in self-hypnosis that deeply influenced my life and drew me to study more about the power of the mind.

I lived in several US states and now am settling down in Denver, Colorado, where I maintain an online practice to teach, mentor and empower clients.

My Journey: Never Give Up!

It All Started in Switzerland

I'm was born and raised in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, on Lake Bienne (top picture) surrounded by a loving family.

My journey toward a career in healthcare began at age 10 when I watched a documentary about doctors in Africa. It inspired me to become one, with a focus on neurosurgery as the workings of the mind and brain fascinated me.

My path took an unexpected turn when, at 15, I became the prodigy of a psychologist/psychoanalyst. This opened doors to study at psychology institutes in Paris, France, as well as Nyon and Zurich, Switzerland.

My health was often a challenge during my childhood. I had all the childhood vaccines required at the time, yet still got the diseases they were supposed to prevent, thus grew up on antibiotics.

At 15, I was diagnosed with skin cancer, leading to surgeries every 6 months. I learned about the power of nutrition and cleansing, bought my first juicer at 18, which transformed my health and eliminated the need for further skin cancer surgeries.

I realize it's not always that easy! For me, the other pieces of the often mysterious cancer puzzle were already in place.

I almost made it to the Swiss Olympic team as a gymnast... until knee surgeries snuffed that from my life.

I loved exploring Switzerland on a motorcycle, first with a Suzuki 250 with which I toured Italy (I got to climb to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa when it was still possible), then with a Suzuki 550, with which I toured France.

I learned to sail in De Kaag, Holland, and spent a few weeks in Istanbul and touring Turkey, just for the fun of it.

I traveled and came to the US

I was raised as a Christian, started to question that teaching in my teen years, became an atheist, then agnostic, then Zen Buddhist.

At 20, I decided to go on a spiritual journey to India, with an overland expedition from London to Kathmandu.

I had the privilege of meeting Indira Gandhi in New Delhi, although I knew nothing about politics... and did not speak much English at the time. Fortunately, she spoke French fluently, and had gone to school in Switzerland, in the same village I had lived. We chatted for about 45 minutes, before she had to return to her obligations as India's Prime Minister.

New Delhi was also the place where I visited Sri Aurobindo's Ashram, as I had read his books (as well as Krishnamurti's and Tuesday Lobsang Rampa's), my gurus at the time. I spent 3 months in Kathmandu, a hippie city at the time.

I then traveled through Bangladesh, back to India, visiting Calcutta, Madras and Pondicherry, where Sri Aurobindo's followers were building the City of Peace, in Auroville. There was not much at the time, and I continued my journey to help in an orphanage in Sri Lanka.

Although I loved snorkeling in the turquoise waters of Sri Lanka, I had to be flown back to Switzerland, as my knees needed a second surgical intervention. During my recovery, I worked at a chocolate decoration factory near Zurich. An opportunity arose for me to represent their designs in the United States, an offer I eagerly accepted.

From Switzerland, I flew to New York City, then to Washington D.C., to work in the Watergate complex with the intention of assuming the role of a sales representative for the chocolate factory. However, this opportunity didn't quite unfold as planned.

I Almost Gave Up... Yet It Was Not My Time

I moved to CA to live with a distant relative, and met the guy who became my husband at the airport where I was getting my pilot's license.

We ended up in a "Christian" cult, where women had to submit to their pastor and husband "unto death," and I almost complied.

After the birth of my 6th daughter, I was bedridden for weeks... or was it months?

I was in physical pain and lived in mental anguish. I gave up on life... waiting to die. I gave myself about 2 more weeks, made peace with God, and waited for the end. Yet, it was not my time to go...

Synchronicities started to unfold, beginning with advertisements for personal development programs that appeared in my mailbox.

With nothing to lose, I ordered these programs, setting a 5-year goal which was achieved in 3 years.

A prolonged divorce spanning over 16 years ensued.

My children and I often had to hide in different states to ensure our safety.

I entered this chapter of my life with a sense of naivety, believing in the principles of justice, only to confront the stark reality that abuse and corruption are pervasive within not only the family court system, but in the whole legal system.

The upside? I have 7 wonderful children, who were home-birthed and home-schooled. They have grown into independent individuals, pursuing their own unique talents and passions. The picture was taken at the wedding of my third daughter.

And I no longer approach life with the same naivety as before.

BreakingThrough and Onward

I learned many strategies and techniques which helped me survive then recover during challenging times. My children are healthy, strong and thriving. I am better able to help clients, not only because of years of research and training, but because of personal experience that honed down the best of personal development.

I have helped individuals from anorexia to weight loss, from addictions to fears and phobias, from depression to physical pain, from childhood trauma to PTSD, C-PTSD and LAS (Legal Abuse Syndrome). I have worked with professionals, athletes, parents, children, the elderly and even horses, dogs and cats.

My training in psychology and nutrition, which started some 50 years ago, followed by life challenges, and with over 25 years of professional experience allow me to empower clients facing a variety of issues.

Coming full circle: I did not become a neuro-surgeon, yet help people change their life by changing their "brain circuitry" without surgery.

Summits, Podcasts and Interviews

Dr. Danielle's

Interviews on

Many Shows


Natural Health and

Personal Excellenc

Co-Hosted the Parent Empowerment Summit

Connected With and Interviewed World Leaders in the Holistic Health Field

Holistic Approach to Cancer

Oncologists take care of the physiological aspects of cancer. What about the stress and the role of the subconscious mind?

5-Keys to Holistic Health

There are 5-Keys to Holistic Health, which take care of the body, the mind, the subconscious mind, and the spiritual aspect.

Healing from Domestic Violence

Dr. Danielle offers healing techniques allowing survivors of DV to experience a meaningful and fulfilling life.


Business training using conscious techniques, as well as removing blockages and obstacles using Imagery and Release Techniques

9/11 Truth

Teaching about Cognitive Dissonance at an Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth event.

Quantum Theories

Teaching about new discoveries in the domain of Quantum Theories and the Law of Attraction

A Few Testimonials / Raving Reviews

Dr. Hendel's Clients Benefit from Dr. Danielle's Training

"The F.R.E.E.D.O.M. workshop was well-taught, exhilarating, informative, and useful.

Many of the materials in the handbook have been very useful to my patients. They and I thank you.

Dr. Carl Hendel, MD


Let's Hear From Our Clients and Students

"It has been my privilege and pleasure to know Dr. Danielle Duperret both as a teacher and as a mentor.  

I have had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Duperret in several workshops, where she was teaching concepts of trauma relief, meridian-based energy therapies, guided imagery, and quantum learning. She is a wonderful and caring teacher and her classes are a joy to take and a pleasure to apply.  Danielle has been an inspiration to me, she has proven that there is no limit to what a person can do and attain if one sets a goal.  

I look forward to learn more from her in the future as she develops new workshops. Once again it is a pleasure and joy to learn from her. Her teaching style makes everything so easy to learn and she seems to choose topics that can have an impact in people’s lives.

Dr. Duperret is a smart, intelligent, competent, dedicated and caring person, who is an asset to the community of healthcare teachers. I can recommend her without reservation and I am sure that you will enjoy her lessons and her style as a teacher, I sure did. 

Give her the opportunity to teach you and to learn what she has to offer, you will not regret it.”

Nanette Contreras


Training Professionals

"You are a wonderful professional; you not only know your material well, but you are also available to help your students, whatever our questions are. In my 17 years of work as a massage therapist, I’ve met many professors, good ones, who promised to be available to answer my questions. When I would call them, I was faced with a voice responder… and more importantly, they did not call me back. 

Here are a few examples for which I used the FREEDOM Techniques. 

– for at least 3 women who were suffering from menstrual cramps… the pain disappeared almost instantly. One of them called me to let me know that the pain never returned and that she had no problems during her periods. 

– Premenstrual syndromes, PMS: 2 rounds of Tapping and her mood totally changed. 

– I worked with 2 women who were going through a divorce. Neither one of them could talk about it without crying. They could not even think about it. The consultation lasted 40 minutes, for the longest one. Afterwards, they both were able to calmly talk with their husband, and to stay strong.

– Finally, I also worked with a mother whose 9-year old child “saw things during the night.” He could not sleep. She went home and taught her son how to do the FREEDOM Techniques. Guess what happened? After only 2 rounds of FREEDOM, the “things” disappeared. Now, he is using the FREEDOM Techniques for anything that is troubling him. 

These are only a few of the conditions I’ve been able to treat. I could continue, but I would run out of paper. I found that the FREEDOM Techniques you taught me can be used for anything. I sincerely THANK YOU and I know that anybody taking your course will be successful and that, if they need further help, YOU WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PROVIDE IT.

Johnny Cerda


Let's Hear From Our Client

"I want you to know that I very much appreciate all you have taught me. You have helped me tremendously. For a moment here and there, I forget I have court tomorrow. That’s a first for me. I have been tapping, and picturing myself coming into court in my gi and black belt. I hope I can picture myself like that tomorrow. And I have been doing the exercises to focus my mind as well. I think those are very helpful. It was a pleasure working with you as well. I did not know what to expect because I had little experience with the things you taught me, but they have been very helpful, especially the EFT-F.R.E.E.D.O.M. – Silvia

(Silvia experienced Legal Abuse Syndrome because of protracted litigation.)=



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Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD