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Give Your Students The Mind of a Champion

Calm - Confident - Focused

You have power over your mind,

not outside events.

Realize this, and you will find strength."

Markus Aurelius

Winning the game of life is 80% mindset.

To be a champion in life, you must act like a champion.

To act like a champion, you must think like a champion.

To think like a champion, you must program your mind like a champion.

Let me help you craft your mind for success, with confidence, calm, and focus.

About Danielle, Mindset Mentor

I was born and raised in the French speaking part of Switzerland, and came to the United States in 1979 after traveling through Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia. I home-birthed and home-schooled 7 children, who are now grown, and flying with their own wings.

Diagnosed with skin cancer at the age of 15, with surgeries every 6 months, I learned the importance of food and cleansing which helped me out of this predicament.

Bedridden in my 30s, I realized that food therapy was not enough. I had to tackle mental fitness and emotional mastery.

I earned an ND-Naturopathic Doctor degree and a PhD in Natural Health, with a thesis on The Power of the Mind in Healing.

My children were raised with principles of natural health and personal excellence, and are AWESOME, in spite of a divorce and lengthy custody battle.

Whenever they hit challenges (and they do), they know how to bounce back.

They were homeschooled as the


Abundant Life Family Academy

Meet them, a few years later


With a genius IQ and a photographic memory, she set her mind on becoming a stunt woman, and achieved it, in spite of the many naysayers telling her it was an impossible dream. She specialized in Western Shows, jumping off galloping horses, twirling guns, throwing knives, cracking whips, and trick roping.

Now, she is 12-time world champion knife thrower, and is working internationally to make knife and axe throwing an Olympic event.

She also designs and crafts custom, one-of-a-kind leather goods, and makes stunning wedding cakes.

Contact Melody


She started to work with leather as a creative outlet when she was a teenager. In the fall of 2014, she created a business, and started to sell her work on the side.

Her business quickly grew into a full time occupation. After handling 1000's of knives over the years, she decided to start making knives of her own design. Find out more here.

In her spare time, she loves paragliding

Contact Amy


Talented photographer, she specializes in night skies (with a fondness for the Milky Way), and wildlife.

Perseverance is the name of the game. Long, cold nights in high altitude don't phase her, even when they don't bring out the magic of a night sky. Unexpected cloud cover can try your patience. Wild life is unpredictable as well.

Yet the reward is fantastic when she gets "just the right shot," which she then spends hours perfecting with modern technology.

When not hunting for that perfect shot, she tends to her flower garden, especially different varieties of roses.

Contact Evie


Master gardener, she loves clearing the outdoors, climbing trees to trim off dead branches, then cutting and stacking firewood for cozy winter nights.

Need your car repaired? Not a problem. She has the knack to quickly find what the problem is, and then she fixes it.

As an event planner, she is now clearing more land to offer even better services: weddings... and the annual knife throw competitions.


She wanted to become a model... and did modeling.

She wanted to travel the world... and she is traveling the world as a flight attendant on private jets.

She is also a food, supplements, exercise and fitness expert.

Nothing is impossible when you set your mind on a goal and act accordingly.


Fix and flip... 1 house, 2 houses, 3 houses, 4 houses and so on.

She is one of the youngest female on the construction market, running a thriving construction business.

It takes muscles, planning and brain. 


Gun aficionado, excellent marksman from a young age, he trained people on responsibility and the proper use of weapons in the gun store he worked at. 

Now taking a course in welding, he is dreaming about the projects he will soon be able to realize for himself, the family, and to sell.

Did you know there are robots doing welding now? My son runs the robot at his place.

Hi, I'm Dr. Danielle, naturopath, health and excellence mentor, and hypnocoach

I'm a mindset mentor who helps students, parents and teachers to unlock the unique potential hidden in the sub/unconscious mind.

If you are struggling and need a breakthrough, or find yourself stuck in a plateau in your life...

If you find yourself believing that you cannot reach the goal that you long for... 

If you think that this is all you can achieve in your journey...

If you faced traumatic events which linger in your mind, and prevent you from moving forward...

Let's Unlock Your Inner Champion!!

Get ready to step into a new light, greater understanding and better mindset about who you and your children really are, and what you all could potentially achieve with the right mindset.

Let me help you help yourself...

Virtual Call One-on-One

Focused sessions which make you the center of attention. It's all about you and I'm here to make you feel as comfortable as possible...

Virtual Small Group Call

I'll take you through the settings of a champion's mindset, step-by-step, focusing on the special needs of the group.

Virtual Class/Workshop

Join in with like-minded students, parents and teachers who are as hungry as you are to unlock their inner champion.

What My Students/Clients Are Saying

"Danielle uses many different tools to achieve lasting improvements." – Roberta, California

"I leave her office smiling and energized.” –  Heather T. , California

“Her techniques are quick and powerful.” – Cathy, California

“I don’t seem to worry anymore. I had the best month I have had since I began my business 2 years ago.” – Donna, California

Read Testimonials on Diverse Issues

Goals, Purpose, Imagination and Reality

Focus on your goals, and dig deep to see if they truly fit your purpose.

Let's imagine what it would be like to succeed, then ground the insight into daily reality.

Connect heart and mind to succeed on many levels.

Mental Fitness Training

The Making of a Champion Mind

Are you using the appropriate mindset for the task at hand?

Neuro-science shows us that different parts of the brain "light up" with different aspects of our personality, and that the brain is trainable and malleable. 

Failure = Feedback

Yes, It Still Hurts

Resilience Training

Over the course of a life, we all experience periods of fear, loss, grief and discouragement. How do you handle these discomforting feelings? With mental toughness and navigation tools, you will sail through the storms of life with calm, confidence and focus.

A few years ago, I interviewed Dr. Charlotte Reznick for the Parent Empowerment Summit

I co-hosted, with examples on how she uses the imagination to help a child solve challenges.

Does your child have a problem sleeping?

Is bullying a problem?

Does he or she face multiple fears and phobias?

Going through a tough time, like a divorce or grieving the loss of person, pet or expectation?

Worried/anxious about passing a test?

Wanting to improve a skill?

Add the power of the imagination to your life!

Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD