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The Virtual Gastric Band

The Imagination Is More Powerful Than Willpower

It is the imagination that tells you "this amount of food will make me feel better."

It's the imagination that plays the game, "I am feeling stressed and that thing, if I eat it, will make me feel better."

It's the imagination that has created all the false comfort inside of all our favorite comfort foods.

It's also the imagination which can lead you in a different direction.

A program tested in hospital environments with results as high as 95%.

Small reasonable changes you can absolutely live with.

Fulfillment in eating right, drinking right, moving right and feeling right,


More About The Virtual Gastric Band

What Is It?

The Virtual Gastric Band, a psychology-based hypnotic weight loss program, was established in 2010 and has now trained practitioners in over 16 countries. It is a program designed to simply and radically change the way you relate to food.

NOT a Diet, NO Deprivation

The Virtual Gastric Band changes the way your respond to food... enjoying it more in smaller portions. The food you eat will taste better, and you will be satisfied sooner, feeling fuller.

Change Your Mind in 4 Sessions (Online via Zoom)

We are all different with unique challenges. The sessions, although following a format, are highly personalized and tailored to you, as an individual

Hypnosis for Weight Loss Has Been Shown to Be Incredibly Safe, Effective and Popular

Weight loss may no longer be a challeng for you, as the Virtual Gastric Band provides a life-long solution if you have been struggling with less-than-healthy food habits.

When Dieting and Exercising Are Not Enough to Keep the Weight Off

Hypnosis and the Virtual Gastric Band helps people to lose weight by altering their state of mind, with no physiological impact. It is suitable for a wide range of people, from people who want to lose a few pounds to people struggling with obesity.

Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD