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Dr. Carl Hendel, MD

“The F.R.E.E.D.O.M. workshop was well-taught, exhilarating, informative, and useful. Many of the materials in the handbook have been very useful to my patients. They and I thank you.”

Dr. Sheva Feld, PhD

The F.R.E.E.D.O.M. class was very informative… exciting new concepts… presenting complex material in a straightforward, easy to understand style… fun!”

Nanette Contreras, ND/CBT

She is a wonderful and caring teacher and her classes are a joy to take and a pleasure to apply. .Danielle has been an inspiration to me, she has proven that there is no limit to what a person can do and attain if one sets a goal.

Several testimonials given a few weeks after I taught one of my F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Workshops.

F.R.E.E.D.O.M. = Freedom and Release of Emotional and Energetic Disturbances Or Mental Blocks, my own cocktail of the Tapping Techniques, aka Energy Psychology.

Linda, an attorney panicking during a leadership conference

Ed, an attendee with a breathing issue... and a dog issue

Tina, a real estate agent who increased her sales

Konner, a student who was anxious about applying to colleges

What Professionals Are Saying

“Dear Dr. Danielle,

I am writing to you to thank you for the Tapping course. You are a wonderful professional; you not only know your material well, but you are also available to help your students, whatever our questions are. In my 17 years of work as a massage therapist, I’ve met many professors, good ones, who promised to be available to answer my questions. When I would call them, I was faced with a voice responder… and more importantly, they did not call me back. 

Here are a few examples for which I used the Tapping Techniques. 

– for at least 3 women who were suffering from menstrual cramps… the pain disappeared almost instantly. One of them called me to let me know that the pain never returned and that she had no problems during her periods. 

– Premenstrual syndromes, PMS: 2 rounds of Tapping and her mood totally changed. 

– I worked with 2 women who were going through a divorce. Neither one of them could talk about it without crying. They could not even think about it. The consultation lasted 40 minutes, for the longest one. Afterwards, they both were able to calmly talk with their husband, and to stay strong.

– Finally, I also worked with a mother whose 9-year old child “saw things during the night.” He could not sleep. She went home and taught her son how to do the Tapping Techniques. Guess what happened? After only 2 rounds of Tapping, the “things” disappeared. Now, he is using the Tapping for anything that is troubling him. 

These are only a few of the conditions I’ve been able to treat. I could continue, but I would run out of paper. I found that the Tapping Techniques you taught me can be used for anything. I sincerely THANK YOU and I know that anybody taking your course will be successful and that, if they need further help, YOU WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PROVIDE IT.

Please fell free to share this letter to help a lot of patients. They can also contact me.”

John Cerda


To whom it may concern: Re: Danielle Duperret 

It has been my privilege and pleasure to know Dr. Danielle Duperret both as a teacher and as a mentor.  

I have had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Duperret in several workshops, where she was teaching concepts of trauma relief, meridian-based energy therapies, guided imagery, and quantum learning. She is a wonderful and caring teacher and her classes are a joy to take and a pleasure to apply.  Danielle has been an inspiration to me, she has proven that there is no limit to what a person can do and attain if one sets a goal.  

I look forward to learn more from her in the future as she develops new workshops. Once again it is a pleasure and joy to learn from her. Her teaching style makes everything so easy to learn and she seems to choose topics that can have an impact in people’s lives.

Dr. Duperret is a smart, intelligent, competent, dedicated and caring person, who is an asset to the community of healthcare teachers. I can recommend her without reservation and I am sure that you will enjoy her lessons and her style as a teacher, I sure did. 

Give her the opportunity to teach you and to learn what she has to offer, you will not regret it.”

Nanette Contreras


Reviews of Some Conditions Transformed

"Just got home – piece of cake. I had no anxiety whatsoever and I feel great. Thank you for your support. I think my daughter was as excited as I was. She couldn’t believe I was able to do something I had avoided for 50 years. I still can’t believe I was able to go through with the test, and with no anxiety. It’s like, who was that person? I am definitely ready to move forward. My anxiety level seems to be much better. And I even seem to have more energy."

Linda Tanner

Medical Procedure Anxiety

"Dear Danielle,

I appreciate your time. Your thoughts on ways to engage negative emotions have been and are helpful. Thank you."

(Bill was repeatedly beaten by a teacher in 7th and 8th grade, and the emotions persisted into his adult life.)


Child Abuse, School Abuse, Las Vegas

Our trip to Europe was super…it was so nice to get my arms around my daughter again! The tapping nearly collapsed my flying fear. No Titanic feelings at all. Some rising waves of anxiety when all became quiet but I used tapping repeatedly and it was very helpful. I tapped out jet lag on the way over and had absolutely none. I was energetic and was first time w/ no jet lag.“


Boston, MA

I felt an immediate improvement in my rib. I went dancing the same night night and was able to move with more ease and much less pain. I also noticed that I felt more grounded and centered after the treatment and was more able to keep the attitude positive. The exhaustion I was feeling beforehand evaporated. Many thanks for the treatment. It was great to see what you do first hand and gain the benefits!”

Denise L.

Las Vegas, NV

I just wanted to thank you, Dr. Duperret, for the loving care and treatment you gave my ankle. I am a dancer and I injured my ankle. You used the EPFX-QXCI to treat it. After the consultation, which lasted about one hour, my ankle had returned to its normal function. I could walk on high heels again and went dancing that same evening, which I was not able to do before the pain free and relaxing treatment. I have no symptoms left from the accident, no pain, no suffering… and I keep on dancing. Many thanks.”


Las Vegas, NV

Danielle, I would like to thank you for helping Yasmina; your work is bearing its fruits. I am observing the on-going transformation and how she is starting to enjoy life once again. I am so happy. Thanks again."


Las Vegas, NV

We all know that healing one’s life is an ongoing process but, after five decades of working on myself, I was getting weary. Recently, the universe gave me a gift and I discovered in Dr. Danielle someone to teach me simple techniques resulting in timely, visible and tangible results. Thank You!”


Las Vegas, NV

I had a swollen lymph node in my neck, which had me worried for several days. After Dr. Danielle’s short intervention, the swelling was gone in less than an hour.


Denver, CO

Released Pent-Up Grief

The session we had as a group to learn tapping came at a perfect time in my life. I was facing a wall of stuffed and denied grief after the shock of 1 family and close friend death after another resulting in 5 losses in a short period of time. After learning the tapping I was able to get in touch and release the pent-up grief.

During the following week, I tapped on all sorts of issues including minor every day challenges which were bothering me. If I worried about something, especially to the point where my thoughts were like a broken record I would tap. The thoughts subsided, I felt uplifted and the given situation turned out better than expected. Beyond a desired outcome I noticed that there were improvements that went beyond what I had tapped for. I also tapped for a periodic skin break out which is continuing to improve. 

Thanks for sharing tapping as in a little over a week, I have noticed such a difference and in general feel more peaceful and at ease.

Denise, Las Vegas, NV

Anorexia... Fully Recovered

Dr. Danielle,

It has been so long. You saved my life from anorexia when you treated me in La Grange, CA.

I’ve been divorced 12 years now. I’m fully recovered. I’m so grateful for you. I am forever indebted to you.

You saw something in me that I couldn’t see at the time. You planted the seeds to aid in my recovery. You were always so positive and saw my potential. It helped me to learn to cope with life in a more positive way.

I don’t know how I survived. It was literally by the grace of God and you believing in me. Dr. Danielle, I would love to devote my life to helping other eating disorder survivors and domestic violence survivors as well.

Norma, Sacramento, CO

Pain Relief and Emotional Clearing

I have suffered off and on for 19 years with sciatic pain due to being rear-ended by a drunk driver.

I had found relief from a chiropractor until 3 years ago when I re-injured my spine from a fall. When the chiropractor could no longer bring relief to my ongoing pain, I decided to try treatment from Dr. Danielle in the form of Imagery and Tapping.

I was skeptical at first, but knew it certainly couldn’t hurt. After Dr. Danielle’s thorough and compassionate Imagery session, I felt relief for the first time in almost a year.

Then more pain relief and emotional clearing came from the Tapping session with Dr. Danielle. She is even teaching me how to do this Emotional Freedom Technique for myself for other issues and pain.

I highly recommend Dr. Danielle Duperret as she is the best in her field of energy work and emotional clearing!

Margaret D., Las Vegas, NV

Carolyn Greenlee, Kelseyville, CA

Carolyn is also blind… she is now able to distinguish between some colors and is starting to read again with a magnifying glass. I am most grateful too.

"You have scleroderma. There is no cure. There’s not even a treatment for it. I’m sorry.” “That’s what my rheumatologist and pulmonologist told me. I sat there, stunned, with a diagnosis of an incurable, terminal, autoimmune disease with symptoms which worsened, distorting face and hands, and turning internal organs (such as lungs) solid.

Surely there was something I could do. My father was a Chinese herb doctor/acupuncturist. He said you balance the meridians and the body heals itself. He was curing diabetes back in the mid-Twentieth Century with Chinese herbs. People flew in from all over the world. I saw them get well. I knew it was real. I did the urine tests.

The scleroderma website said there was no evidence that particular foods made any difference in the disease, for better or worse. I didn’t believe that. I had watched “Forks Over Knives,” read “The China Study,” and had been to the Gerson Institute where I learned to juice and eat a strict diet of foods that Dr. Max Gerson had discovered cured degenerative diseases, one of which is cancer. I set about to change my choices in food and did a lot of Tapping for the release of trauma in my life.

Still, I was floundering. I didn’t know which foods to eat. I had been vegan for two years, and some of the symptoms had stopped, but I was weak and 97 pounds. I felt something was missing in my diet, but I didn’t know what.

Then, out of the blue, Danielle Duperret popped back into my life. She found my website and made contact. We had been friends back in the 1980s when I met her, but she’d moved away and we’d lost track of each other. Now, at the point of my greatest need, there she was, trained in nutrition and willing to help.

We corresponded for months, her gentle encouragement and wealth of knowledge offered generously. Finally I took the nutritional survey of brain chemistry, metabolic type and blood type, and back came a diet of foods that were ideal, all the way to foods to avoid.

It was very difficult at first, because almost everything I was eating regularly was bad for scleroderma, but Danielle helped me with the thrashing and hostility that comes with having to totally change one’s diet. On the other hand, I had begun to go downhill, so I agreed to give it a three-week trial period. I began to see improvement almost immediately. I had more energy. I felt less toxic. My teeth stopped being so sensitive. I could think better and had more stamina.

I have recommended Danielle to friends with incurable autoimmune diseases and one with a bizarre reaction to poisonous insect bites that has lasted for more than twenty-five years. Danielle is able to get to the bottom of the issue, drawing from an array of eclectic healing techniques.

Today, I’m on the mend. I have discovered the joys of foods I’ve never eaten before (such as Jerusalem artichokes), and don’t mind not eating foods I love (such as rice), because I don’t want anything I put in my mouth to slow down my recovery. Danielle said it was not forever that I’d have to be on this strict diet; it was only until I was well.

Back at the beginning of my healing journey, the Lord Jesus told me I would get well, but it would take longer and be harder than I thought. It has certainly taken longer, and changing my food so drastically has been harder, but now I know what to eat, what to avoid, and I can feel the relief in my body as it no longer fights the food I eat. I give it things that help it heal (such as Bing cherries, quinoa, and bison) and it responds with deep, restful sleep and a greater ability to concentrate, and to deal serenely with stress. I truly believe Danielle’s finding me at my point of desperation was a divine appointment designed to put me in contact with the one person I would trust to provide the answers I needed most. 

I am most grateful."

Let's Hear It From Students of My F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Workshops

Short Testimonials

“I leave her office smiling, and energized.” –  Heather T. , California

Danielle uses many different tools to achieve lasting improvements. My chronic depression has vanished.” – Roberta, California

Her techniques are quick and powerful.” – Cathy, California

don’t seem to worry anymore. I had the best month I have had since I began my business 2 years ago.” – Donna, California

My sex life has been restored.” – Barbie, California

My stiff knee is gone; I can dance again.” – Melinda F., California

My energy level has returned and I have lost 15 lbs.” – Victoria, California

"Just got home - piece of cake. I had no anxiety whatsoever. I think my daughter was as excited as I was. She couldn't believe I was able to do something I had avoided for 50 years." Linda, Nevada - about medical tests.

Clients with Legal Abuse + Conditions

"I want you to know that I very much appreciate all you have taught me. You have helped me tremendously. For a moment here and there, I forget I have court tomorrow. That’s a first for me. I have been tapping, and picturing myself coming into court in my gi and black belt. I hope I can picture myself like that tomorrow. And I have been doing the exercises to focus my mind as well. I think those are very helpful. It was a pleasure working with you as well. I did not know what to expect because I had little experience with the things you taught me, but they have been very helpful, especially the EFT-F.R.E.E.D.O.M." 

Silvia Rubione


PTSD - Legal Abuse - Fibromyalgia - Chronic Fatigue

Dear Dr. Danielle,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you did with me. You successfully helped me to overcome the devastation of legal abuse, PTSD-post traumatic stress disorder, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

I had consulted many doctors for many years; I did research on my own and changed many aspects of my life. I took medication, following nutrition and stress therapy in the hope of finding a way to heal. It had been a slow and very gradual process until I learned your Tapping System, the F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Techniques.

I am surprised and cannot explain the quick results I have gotten. I can now stay focused all day, I can take care of my health, I see things more clearly and can make decisions without suffering, in spite of the fibromyalgia diagnosis. Even my family and my friends noticed the changes in my voice, in my attitude, in my body and energy level. They also would like to take your course. 

I have a hard time believing that now, everyday, I can look ahead with positive expectations about the future and that I am seeing it with wonderful possibilities opening up for me. I am in charge of my life, I have a healthy and positive outlook and I am looking forward to future developments, which now seem possible. 

Thank you for your work and for the Tapping sessions. 

My best wishes for you and all your future clients.


Sonia, Las Vegas, NV

Eliminate the Traumatic Feelings of the Past

Dear Dr. Danielle,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing with the energy techniques. After the sessions I did with you and by applying these techniques, I have gotten an understanding about how they work and I have been able to eliminate the traumatic feelings from the past and present which were haunting me. 

Thanks to this new knowledge, I understand more about my physical wellness and it’s making my life much more comfortable. With the techniques you taught me, I am able to stay in charge of my emotions, which affected my spirit, body and soul.

The sessions I did with you were of great benefit. Thanks to your knowledge and dedication to help me understand these techniques, I can now take care of my daily chores and I am better able to handle stress.

I am very grateful and thank you for being present with me and for having helped me when I lost all hope.

Cynthia, Las Vegas, NV

More Energy, Lighter Heart, Lessening of Symptoms

I am the executive director of a non-profit organization dedicated to help victims of legal abuse. I became an activist because I witnessed an increase in legal abuse cases. It was clearly an indication that such an organization was needed for our country.

In the scope of this project, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Karin Huffer, forensic psychologist, author of the book “Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome” and of Dr. Danielle Duperret, naturopath.

Thanks to the efforts of these two women and myself, we started a support group for anybody who was suffering from legal abuse syndrome. We met every week. I attended each meeting and I learned and applied the techniques taught by Dr. Danielle. It benefited me greatly.

I have more energy, my heart is lighter and my physical symptoms have lessened, although I am still facing many challenges. I would like to add that I had let a project sit for many years, a project regarding the legal abuse I had encountered. I simply could not deal with it. After learning about the Tapping Techniques, I was able to tackle this project. Furthermore, the Tapping helped me to do math again, which I was not able to do after the trauma I had been the victim of. The problem simply disappeared, suddenly, to my great surprise. 

These techniques work! Dr. Danielle is an excellent teacher and I recommend her courses to anybody who want to succeed in life.

Juli T. Star-Alexander, Las Vegas, NV


Senior Students

Blueprint for Holistic Health Program

Wonderful class... Very professional and knowledgeable... Very good.

This is the second time I have taken this class... Getting more out of it the second time around.

Instructor knows her subject and teaches it well.

This class is helping me to slowly make the kinds of changes in my life that I want to make...

It's easier for me to change things when I understand the science behind it... Really like this class!  

Learned a lot. Hope to see her teaching more classes.   

It is not only interesting, but also beneficial.  

I like the class VERY MUCH; & I’m learning MUCH from it! Thank-u.

I learned a lot from the class.   

I am thoroughly enjoying this class. I am learning new techniques which although avant-garde, is stimulating.

Great class. Meditation at end of class is wonderful. Thank you Dr. Danielle.   

Dr. Danielle is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic to share with the class. She is inspirational as a lifelong learner!   

Danielle is the best. Kind inspirational. Does a excellent presentation.  

Danielle has a special knack for teaching us how to treat our bodies better and live better.

Wonderful class.

Very professional and knowledgeable.   

Very good.

This is the second time I have taken this class. Getting more out of it the second time around.

Instructor knows her subject ad teaches it well.   

This class is helping me to slowly make the kinds of changes in my life that I want to make. It’s easier for me to change things when I understand the science behind it.

Really like this class!   

Learned a lot. Hope to see her teaching more classes.    

It is not only interesting, but also beneficial.    

I like the class VERY MUCH, and I’m learning MUCH from it! Thank you.    

I learned a lot from the class.    

I am thoroughly enjoying this class.

I am learning new techniques which although avant-garde, is stimulating.   

Great class. Meditation at end of class is wonderful. Thank you Dr. Danielle.    

Dr. Danielle is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic to share with the class. 

She is inspirational as a lifelong learner!   

Danielle is the best. Kind inspirational. Does a excellent presentation.    

Danielle has a special knack for teaching us how to treat our bodies better and live better.

Instructor is very knowledgeable.

Very interesting and informative.

Subject matter presented in a very easy to understand format.

I enjoyed this class very much.

I love this class and learn so much!

Instructor is credible in the field of holistic medicine and extremely willing to share her knowledge and training in holistic living for better health.

I hope Danielle returns to teach future classes at OLLI.

Mental, physical and spiritual information for healthy living.

How to live longer, healthier, and happier. Just what we all need at this stage in our lives! I just love this classI love this class and learn so much!

Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD