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Life by Default or by Design?

Your Choice!

Health Should NOT Be Complicated

Let's Go Back to Basics

This book is a springboard to launch you into your own Health (R)evolution. You will get the most important information I gathered during my research, training, personal and professional experience of 45+ years, which helped me ward off the challenges of cancer, a debilitating illness that kept me bedridden for months, depression and weight issues, as well as a path to raise 7 healthy children.

197 pages - 19 chapters chock-full of useful information, available in .pdf or InterActive Flip Book

Easy to read, full of pictures and diagrams, summary pages on about everything that you need to keep you (and your family) healthy.

We start by understanding the energy of foods. Some foods give you a lot of punch, while others could rob you and lead to ill-health. Find more in Chapter 4.

Comprehensive analysis of "Good Choices" vs. "Poor Choices" on Water/Drinks, Salt, Fats, Vegetables, Sweeteners, Meat, Dairy and Eggs, Fruits, Nuts, Grains/Cereals, Legumes, Seaweeds, Mushrooms, Condiments, Superfoods and Supplements.

Diseases don't "Just Happen." There is a progression, a time when you can deal with dis-eases using natural means, and a time when it is wiser to consult a physician. Where are you on this continuum? The answer is in Chapter 7.

Should we detox/cleanse? Yes, we should. But do you know why, when, with what, and especially how to do it safely and effectively? Some people have died from cleansing in too harsh a manner for their system. Don't be one of them. Find out how to detox safely in Chapter 8.

Chapter 12 deals with weight control, and the role leptins play in the battle to manage weight, especially after the child rearing season of our life.

Unfortunately, politics (Poly-Ticks) has infiltrated the food chain. You'll find a chapter on that too, and how you can vote with your money to make this world a better place.

“My energy level has returned, and I have lost 15 lbs."

– Victoria, California

“I agreed to give it a three-week trial period. I began to see improvement almost immediately. I had more energy. I felt less toxic."

– Carolyn, California

“It's easier for me to change things when I understand the science behind it."

– OLLI-UNLV Senior Student, Las Vegas

Live with

Passion, Purpose

and Delight!

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