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What's Inside?

  • Arrested and Booked!

  • First Month: Frantic

  • Surviving

  • What Is It Like?

  • Writing Non-Stop

  • Zombified

  • Abuse and Transfer

  • Release

  • Probation

  • Life After

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    "It will NEVER happen to me." That's what I thought. ` I was a good person who even felt guilty killing a fly or a mosquito.

    I had grown up with a supportive family in the pristine country of Switzerland with Heidi and Pollyanna as my childhood heroes.

    I had moved to the US in 1979, became a naturopath and was helping people maintain or restore their health, naturally, in conjunction with medical doctors.

    And yet, US Marshalls surrounded my home, handcuffed me, pushed me into an unmarked car, to be driven to jail, where I spent 6 months in maximum security, for a crime I had not committed.

    Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD