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Thank You For Choosing to Relax and Find the Magic Within

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Listen to the Introduction - 7:29 min.

There are many benefits to relaxing, such as:

  • Releasing stress...
  • Anti-Aging...
  • Boosting your immune system...
  • Releasing addictions...
  • And much much more.

Relaxation and Imagery - 24:57 min.

During this second section, you will let yourself relax, body and mind, then relax even more deeply, as you enter what I've called "The Magic Room" from which many types of imagery can take place, to explore and receive insights, wisdom, encouragement, ideas, etc...

Images are not necessarily visual... you can work with sounds, smells or aromas, feelings, words... What works best for you?


Many of my clients enjoy listening to this section to help them fall asleep at night. It does not matter whether you consciously hear what is being said, your subconscious does, while the healing frequencies embedded in this part relax you at an even deeper level. 

As you keep working with this Relaxation and Imagery part, you will start to get insights, answers, ideas, etc...

Grounding the Processs - 1:36 min.

What have you learned? Where you able to relax? Did you follow visual images better, or was it the church bells that were clearer to you? Could you feel the hot then cool sand under your feet? What was your favorite dish? Did anybody appear in your imagery? Did you get any insights or made any associations?

Take the time to ground the process by writing about it or by making a picture if you feel so inclined.

Danielle J. Duperret, ND/PhD